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Private Auckland Escort Jane - review

  I was staying at the Haka Hotel and I wanted to have a good experience. I've been pretty lonely for a while after my partner passed on. I decided that I should hire a private Auckland escort and treat myself. The ambiance of the place is beautiful. There was a beautiful outdoor pool as well. 

   I asked Jane if she would bring a bathing suit for swimming. She brought a sexy black number. I thought she looked great, but I would have preferred something a little more revealing. I think she was thinking that she didn't want to stand out. I understand her fears, but all the other women vacationing wore much more racy numbers. When I take a woman out, especially a private escort, I want to make sure that she is arm candy. I know that the lingerie made up for it a bit. However, it couldn't quite take away the ping of disappointment I felt. I had booked her for several hours. I wanted to make sure that other guys in the pool area would be jealous. While she was by far the best looking female at the pool, my preference is a bikini. Next time I'll be more specific with my request. I know that the surprise was exciting for me but I find that I am more picky with outfits than I realized.

   I am just kind of savoring this review because now I can get into the good stuff. Just thinking about my experience with thos escort girl makes me realize it was worth my money. So what happened is that I first took her to the pool after we made the payment arrangements. The call girl had a more conservative sarong and sandals to wear on her way down to the pool, which I did appreciate. I didn't want to make any red flags, and the patrons didn't seem to take any notice of her on the way down. 

   Ultimately, I'm still glad she erred on the side of caution when it came to her looks. She didn't really know what she was stepping into, and I give her credit. Perhaps she could have brought two swimsuits to choose from instead. This would have given me an option to see if I could take her down in a bikini. But also, I would appreciate her bringing a cover for herself to go down to the pool in next time as well. It would make her look like more of a holidaymaker. 

   We decided that it was important to take a shower together after the pool to get into mood. The details of this shower are that it was very thorough, but I decided that it might have been better to just let her shower on her own. Showering with another person is not always the best. It looks good in the movies, but it can be hard to actually get any foreplay in. Instead, you're more just washing each other's hair and making sure you're clean and ready for the main event. It's also hard to do anything standing up.

    When we finished, I put on some porn. I think I'm just in the habit of this as I never get escorts in Auckland. She was totally okay with the way I worked. I got into the mood faster, and we didn't have to do any warm up's. She used her vibrator and I'm glad that I told her to bring it. For me, she just did some heavy petting and made sure that I was ready for sex.

    I was glad that she had some orgasms before we started. I find that women don't usually have them just through penetration. And it made me feel good about myself that she could do something to turn herself on. I find that women usually are happier if they get off too. She ended up telling me that I was a considerate lover. I would definitely use an escort again to fulfill my needs. I was very happy with her.