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My experience with a private escort girl in Auckland

The Premises

The meeting place was at the Hotel Rydges Auckland; it was a very nice place to meet and I was pleasantly surprised that the atmosphere added to the experience. It was a very quiet part of Auckland, and the escort girl that I met with was seemed very at home here; I've always found that getting down is a better experience with a lady who is comfortable. There was not much street noise, and we were really able to connect and get down to business. The bedroom was nice, and the shower area was adequate enough for our needs of the evening. 

The Lady

The escort that was provided to me had very high reviews, and I am happy to report that she did not dissapoint. The picures and descriptions on the Auckalnd's escort directory website were very accurate, and it was refreshing to know that what I was expecting was what I received. She was really kind and seemed ready and willing to please; not that I'm a difficult man to satisfy by any means, but she really took an interest in what I like and dislike, making it a pleasurable experience for both of us. Her body was incredible, especially her tits. I was very attracted to her, making it a more pleasurable experience to be sure. I would definitely choose to meet and have fun with Linda again in the future, as I had a lot of fun, and she seemed to as well. 

The Story

First and foremost, before getting into the experience of the eveing, I feel like it is important to give a review of the agency. I found them to be incredibly easy to work with, and although they recommend calling instead of texting, I found that my texts were answered relatively quickly. Most of the texts that were sent by me were answered within 10 minutes in fact. The same goes for bookings, and the prices and locations were also sent to me in a way that was easy to understand. 

Although the evening that I had thought in my head when I was informed that I would be spending the night with an Asian escort may not have been exactly what I had in mind, I am in no way complaining. I should be completely transparant, and state that I have never been with an Asian women in any type of sexual activity, and thought "what the hell, why not"? It was an experience that I won't forget anytime soon, that's for sure; Linda definitely knew what she was doing, and just how to make sure that I was enjoying every minute of it. I can for sure see why the Thai escorts are so popular in New Zealand. I fully plan to use their escort services again, and if all goes like this experience did for me, will absolutely leave another positve review. The level of service that was received during my experience was amazing and is far beyond the quality that I have recieved from other escort agencies in the past. 

When Linda got there, the common business practices were followed before the fun began. After sharing an erotic shower and some mild foreplay and hand-roaming, we moved into the bedroom to begin the real fun. A nice relaxing massage was given to me before getting my blood flowing to all the right areas. She rubbed me up and down, making sure to pay special attention to my growing member and asked if I was enjoying myself, which I was. This then led to other activities, which I won't go into detail here, out of respect for Linda. After we had finished up, we both hopped into the shower to clean up before ending the evening. 

Thoughts About the Experience

At first, the escort girl was on top. While this works well for their anatomy, it doesn't necessarily do much for me. Not a complaint, as when I asked we were able to switch positions into something that worked well and was arousing for both of us. 

As I know this comes with the territory, Linda was not as engaging or interactive as I am use to. Not a complaint, and this is what I had expected when going into this. It just would have been nice to know that I was pleasing her and much as I was getting pleasure from her is all. 

Just a few minor complaints, and certainly nothing to keep me from using the service again in the future. I would be more than happy to enjoy Linda's escort services in Auckland soon.