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Escort Advertisement Guide in Auckland / New Zealand

The first step to setting up any successful business is laying down a solid strategy on how you’ll be marketing to new customers or clients. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the world; if you can’t get it in front of prospective customers and make them see sense in acquiring it, don’t expect to make a killing with it. The same goes for sex. You could be the best escort in New Zealand - one than any man or woman would not hesitate to shell out their life savings to be with -- but unless you’re marketing yourself right, making yourself visible to potential clients and customers, then don’t expect to have a booming business.

As a private escort, the first step to having a successful career and making it work for you is wearing the mindset of a real business person. You’re not just offering companionship or sex; you’re in for business. You want to target the best clients and customers. Put the right price to what you’re offering and make sure you’re tapping into your customer base.

In comes the services of an escort agency. Where you do not feel like parading yourself outside for the whole world to see, you can always sign up with an escort agency and let them handle the advertising bit of it as you focus on what you’re good at – keeping yourself in the best shape for the best of these clients.

There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the various platforms, including social media platforms, to tap into your target audience. You want to make sure you're seen by potential clients. This will see to it that you’re able to enjoy more business, which translates to more profits for you. Still, on the upside, this will see to it that you’re able to target cross-border clients, instead of scrambling for the few local clients as with other Auckland escorts.  

Also, consider asking some of your clients to review you on some of the escort directories you’re listed. It turns out; clients tend to trust reviews more, even more than your profile, and all the nice things you say about yourself – you’d be surprised by how far a good review can get you.

A few Areas Escorts must focus on while marketing Themselves

Actual Photos

Bait and switch never works in the escorts industry. Clients want to get what they see and not be served with disappointments.  We get it – lots of escorts in New Zealand are using fake photos for their profile. So the customer ends up getting an escort that’s different than the expectations that they had set for themselves. So while this might work in the short term, it’s bound to have a detrimental effect on your long term strategy. Imagine a situation where every client reviews you as a fake. How do you intend to convince other clients to still consider hiring you?

Instead of creating a fake advertising, why not hire a professional photographer to help you capture your best features? You can talk to your escort agency and ask them for some recommendations.

And while at it, don’t exaggerate your beauty to a level that you end up looking like a fembot. You’re allowed to use filters and some minor editing. However, you want to make sure the end photo is still a reflection of who you are in the meat world in a not so exaggerating way.

Use Sharp and Clear Photos

By actual photos, we’re not talking about selfies or some of the photos you take with your mobile phone. Remember, photos are your main selling point here. It’s the first thing clients look at before making a mental note to hire you.

You want to serve them what’s best. You don’t want to undersell yourself – and at the same time, you don’t want to exaggerate your looks to the point that you can read the disappointment in your clients’ faces when you finally get to meet them. In other words, you need a good photographer, the best that you can find. Think in terms of a model photographer, one that can capture you perfectly, and produce wall-paper like photos of you.

After all, you’re not a prostitute or sex work but an open-minded escort model. The photos you come up with should rival that of the best model in town, if you get the gist of that statement.

Different Dress code

You want to be everything your client imagined. You want to be that sweet girl next door. You want to be that sexy young woman in a bikini, with all the curves showing. Or you might want to be a successful career woman with glasses and a suit. In other words, you’re everything prospective clients can imagine, and the best part to show it is by donning a variety of attires.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to serve them with one photo where you’re wearing nothing but that sexy lingerie you bought. You want to convince them that despite being all this, you’re not afraid to get a little kinky and let them taste your secret garden should they prove to be perfect gentlemen.

Compelling Description of Yourself

This is where you let your creativity fly high and learn to think like the clients you’re targeting. What do you think attracts them the most? In your description, you want to make sure that you’re using some seductive adjectives that lean more towards submissiveness. Don’t paint yourself as a prostitute, but that sweet, sophisticated young woman that’s looking to be spoilt -- of course, by the right man.

Use words such as ‘daddy’s little girl,’ ‘a college student looking for some off-campus fun,’ ‘a submissive hottie looking to take up the role should the right dominant show up,’ and so forth.

Shift all Your Focus to the Client You’re Targeting

Try to picture the client with everything you do. Remember to empathize with their situation and let them know that you understand them.This is how you stand out from the rest of the New Zealand escorts. Instead of making everything revolve around sex, go far beyond by offering something much bigger and better. Offer them friendship, a shoulder to lean on, and of course, companionship.

Let them know that they can trust you with anything, the same way you plan to trust them with your body. They can share their deep secrets, fetishes, and dreams with someone who’ll have it bottled up, never to share it with anyone else. While at it, don’t generalize all your clients by pluralizing your statements. Instead, try addressing your clients in the second persona, like you’re talking to an individual client in person. Create a persona and address him or her directly. Let your client feel like it’s him you’re talking to, and that they can connect with you on a personal level.

Be creative with the Tagline you come up With

Identify your selling point and figure out how to transform it in a compelling tagline your clients can’t get enough of. Use innocence, submissiveness, classiness, kinkiness, intelligence, or sophistication to sell yourself to potential clients is just one line.

Service Info

Remember to mention the escort services you’re offering in a list. You’re not just an escort girl; you have to be clear with how far your services stretch. Let them know if sex is on the menu, or if you’re not willing to go beyond companionship and all that.

Clients are generally looking for some quality time with prostitutes. This leaves you with the option to decide on what to offer. For all we know, you can offer them dinner dates, Girlfriend Experience, Corporate Companionship, Private lap dance, private striptease, LBDSM fun, calm massaging, and so forth.

Frequent Reinvention

Go all in and focus on your growth. Remember to grow your skills and to keep adding new escort services into your work roster. The moment you get in, your goal should be to grow and be a better version of the person you are today. Always focus on acquiring something unique that sets you miles apart from other escorts in Auckland.

Protecting Your Identity

Where you don’t feel like showing your face, you have the option for anonymity, where you blur your face in your escort ads. Talk to your advertiser and let them know that you’re not comfortable with the idea of parading your face everywhere. Ask them to blur your face and focus on features that don’t sell you out.

Contact Phone Number and Emails

In your ads, you mustn't include your personal phone number or email address. Instead, try finding an anonymous phone number that’s specifically dedicated to the course. It’s even better when you’re able to use a prepaid phone number. That way, you can be sure there’ll be no bill left under their name after you’re done with the service.

Important Tips on how to Create an Escort Ad in Auckland

Good advertising is the lifeblood of every successful business. Escort services are no exception when it comes to this. And the fact that the escort industry is fully legalized in New Zealand, that means you’re free to advertise yourself in any way you see fit. In other words, there are no restrictions to hold you back on what you do.

However, for the most part, your success with the escort ads that you make depends on the quality of the ad itself. It’s all about how you appeal to your clients. It’s through these ads that your clients get to learn about your business and know what to expect.

Remember that you only have a limited amount of time for which you can successfully operate as a prostitute. At your sexual prime – that’s when you’re between the age of 21 and 35 – that’s when men find you most attractive and will put everything on the line to spend a night with you. You want to make sure you’re taking advantage of this period, and the spell you ooze. So how do you capture all this sexiness, and put it out there for your clients to see in the best way there is?

Learn to Use Proper Grammar

Bad writing sells your intelligence short. They make you look less refined and less sophisticated. So instead of haphazardly whipping up a short description of yourself that you wouldn’t care to even proofread, why don’t you pour your heart and soul into it by applying all your wits?

If your writing skills are not up to snuff, consider hiring an experienced copywriter with a knack for it to help you out. Make sure they’ve proofread everything and polished through the description a couple of times before you can go ahead and publish it for your clients to see.

Get Someone to Design You a Stunning website

Your focus should be on branding yourself. Learn to think big, and not just as any other regular NZ escort girls. Done correctly, and there’s a possibility of you carving another career as an influencer. So why not get someone to design you a compelling website that will also be doubling as your landing page.

On the website, you don’t have to describe yourself as an escort explicitly. If anything, there’s no limit as to what title you can take. You can be a model, a fashionista, or just a sassy diva who’s sharing life advises and pointers with her distaff following.

Create a Section for Testimonials

Where you’re not afraid to brand yourself as an escort, you can include a section for testimonials. Here, your clients get to review you to other clients by recommending your services to them.This is one of the most effective promotional tools in this line of business. It’s the easiest way to convince your clients, and get the bulk of them to trust you for your word.

This is a useful guide for any escort from Auckland that wants to venture into the industry and make the most out of their career and sexual prime.